Analysis of Final Presidential Debate

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Despite last night's baseball playoffs, the final televised presidential debate drew almost as big an audience share as the first one. Some pundits called it a "wonk-fest" while others saw moments of genuine emotion. With only 20 days until the election, the only point of consensus is that President Bush and Senator Kerry are still dead even. We go to some swing states where get-out-the-vote drives could make the difference. What about claims of shredded registration forms in Nevada? Lawsuits in Florida? Could a Colorado ballot measure disrupt the Electoral College? Has Bush really conceded he can't win Pennsylvania? Warren Olney gets perspective from political correspondents in Arizona and Philadelphia, media watchers and pollsters, political scientists in Nevada, Colorado and Florida.
  • Making News: Dual Blasts Rock Iraq Green Zone
    The Green Zone is the most protected place in Baghdad, but today, two large, almost simultaneous, explosions killed at least seven people in a market and a popular cafe. The US military is quoted as saying they were set off by suicide bombers. Rod Nordland of Newsweek magazine is reporting from Amman, Jordan. The magazine's Baghad Bureau chief does not share the President's conviction that the situation in Iraq is improving.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Update on Afghanistan's Presidential Election After Saturday's election in Afghanistan, there were reports that ink designed to prevent multiple voting could be easily washed off, and 15 of the 18 presidential candidates threatened not to accept the results. Today, there's word that the dispute has been resolved and counting has begun. Ed Morgan is with the International Foundation for Election Systems, a democracy-strengthening organization that's helping teach Afghans how to run an election.

Presidential debate (Tempe, AZ, 13 Oct)

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