Arafat's Uncertain Future

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Yasser Arafat faces a crisis with no good solutions. A crackdown on terrorists within his own borders may lead to assassination or civil war. If he fails to crack down, the forces of Israel may push him into the sea. With Arafat's position more precarious than ever, speculation has focused on who will be next. The democratically elected leader has not designated any successor. Are there any obvious choices? We look at the uncertain future of a political leader with no good options, with a Palestinian political analyst, and Israeli and Palestinian government officials.
  • Newsmaker: US to Withdraw from ABM Treaty - President Bush has told Congressional leaders that the US will announce its intent to withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, signed by President Richard Nixon in 1972. Doyle McManus, Washington bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, has more on the treaty that was as well as the search for a new framework for nuclear deterrence aimed at North Korea and China.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Race Riots in Northern England - Last summer, the northern English city of Burnley experienced three nights of racial violence that made headlines around the world. A government task force report attributes the riots to an ugly combination of factors. Angelique Chrisafis, northern correspondent for the Guardian, has details on what happened and why.

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