Are Federal Air Marshals Up to the Job?

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At Miami International Airport yesterday afternoon, American Airlines Flight 924 was still at the gate. Other passengers have told reporters that Rigoberto Alpizar ran down the aisle of airplane pursued by his wife, who was shouting, "He's sick, he's sick." Confronted by two Air Marshals, Alpizar indicated he had a bomb. Instead of dropping to the ground as ordered, Alpzar reached into his bag. The marshals shot and killed him. Did Rigoberto Alpizar have to die? Are air marshals trained well enough to cope with the challenges of this era of terrorism?
  • Making News: House and Senate Reach Deal on Patriot ActA compromise over civil rights concerns means that controversial provisions of the Patriot Act will be extended for four years instead of the 10 asked by hard-liners. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told reporters that any so-called "sunset clause" was unnecessary. Rick Schmitt covers the Justice Department for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Battle After the Battle
    President Bush said yesterday that Iraq's reconstruction and economic recovery are picking up speed. We hear two different views of how much progress is being made. In his latest speech to bolster support for the war in Iraq, President Bush said yesterday that military action is only the first step. He said what he called "the battle after the battle" includes reconstruction and economic recovery-and he gave examples of progress that's being made. In this edition we hear two different assessments.



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