Are the Oceans in Danger?

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The latest science indicates that "America-s oceans are in crisis," with over-fishing and pollution from runoff threatening the food supply. Stocks of big tuna, swordfish and marlin may be about to collapse--just as New England-s cod fisheries already have. The Pew Oceans Commission spent 3 years and $5.5 million studying the territorial waters which, already expanded from 12 to 200 miles off-shore, make the US responsible for an area of ocean 20 percent larger than the country-s land mass. Can commercial fisheries get control of the problem? Should the US step in to set limits on catches, establish no-fishing zones, and create undersea national parks? We get perspective from both sides of the issue as well as from former Congressman Leon Panetta who chaired the Pew Oceans Commission.
  • Making News: Palestinian Militants Try to Derail Middle East Peace
    Despite this weekend-s coordinated attacks on Israeli soldiers by three Palestinian groups, both sides contend that President Bush-s -road map- is still on track. Conal Urquhart, Jerusalem correspondent for Britain-s Guardian newspaper, reports on the political motivation of this first joint-attack as well as likely responses from Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon of Israel and Abu Mazen of the Palestinians.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Congo Peace Force Puts EU Military to the Test
    For the first time in its history, the European Union has authorized a military deployment outside of Europe and independent of NATO. France will lead a contingent of 1400 soldiers to combat some of the world-s most brutal ethnic fighting. In the past few years, 3 million people have died in Congo, more than 300 in the past two weeks alone. Judy Dempsey of London's Financial Times, looks at the risks of the mission and its importance to the EU.



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