Asia Aid and America's Image Abroad

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No less than 21 American ships, 80 US aircraft and 12,000 Americans are delivering tons of food and other humanitarian assistance to a part of the world where America has a mixed reputation. In Indonesia, the world's largest Islamic nation, Colin Powell called the relief effort American generosity on display. Will the US help long enough to overcome charges of stinginess and hostility toward Muslim people? Will President Bush see a chance to promote democracy through economic reconstruction and reduce the grievances that result in terrorism? We examine disaster relief, America's image and the war on terror with expert on Southeast Asia politics, economics and culture, former State Department and National Security Council officials, and a former advisor to Indonesia's Minister of Finance.
  • Making News: Baghdad Governor Killed Amid More Violence in Iraq
    The Governor of Baghdad Province has become the highest Iraqi official assassinated since the President of the former Governing Council was killed in May. Combined with other deadly violence, his murder has raised once more the question of delaying the elections set for the end of this month. Cristopher Allbritton, who is in Baghdad for Time magazine, assesses the impact on the electoral process and on voters.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Washington State Official Certifies Democrat as Governor
    In Washington State's November gubernatorial race, the vote-count showed Republican Dino Rossi the winner by a razor thin margin. Then, a manual recount gave Democrat Christine Gregoire the lead by 129 votes. Rather than call for a new election, as Rossi supporters demanded, Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed certified Gregoire's election. Reed joins us to discuss the closest in the history of Washington State.

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