Attacks Threaten Security in Iraq

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Suicide bombers have killed at least 40 Iraqis at police stations and other symbolic locations. Iraqi officials working closely with occupation forces have been assassinated. President Bush says the attacks reflect the success of America-- efforts to bring peace and order. How can American forces restore the confidence of relief agencies, investors and the Iraqis themselves? We talk with reporters in Baghdad and two experts on defense and national security.
  • Making News: Red Cross to Cut Iraq Staff
    The International Red Cross says it will stay in Iraq but it is cutting back on its international staff. This, in the aftermath of Monday-- suicide bombing that killed two Iraqi Red Cross employees and 10 other people outside Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad. American officials say the average number of anti-US attacks in Iraq has now reached 33 a day. Antonella Notari is spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  • Reporter's Notebook: How Do You Find An Arsonist?
    As massive fires rage across Southern California, authorities suspect that at least four of them were deliberately set. --he organized arsonist is the most difficult to detect of all violent serious offenders. The most dangerous arsonists of all are motivated by thrill and excitement. This is according to Joseph Wambaugh, former detective for the LAPD who has become one of America-- most successful writers.



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