Back to the Drawing Board for Prisoners at Guant--namo Bay

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The US Supreme Court says President Bush cannot try so-called "enemy combatants" before special military tribunals. It'll have to be federal courts or courts martial. The court did not decide what to do in the meantime with hundreds of prisoners at Guant--namo Bay. But its 5-to-3 decision was a constitutional rebuke to the President and to the Congress. President Bush has said he'd like to close the detention center, pending guidance from the high court. Today's decision came down while Bush was meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan. We unravel the complex ruling, hear President Bush's response and hear about his meeting with the Prime Minister Koizumi.
  • Making News: Israel Arrests Hamas Leaders, Buzzes Home of Syrian President
    As the quid pro quos continue, Israel has rounded up at least 64 ministers and lawmakers from the Palestinians' ruling Hamas Party. Ilene Prusher, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the Christian Science Monitor, has an update.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Foreign Correspondents in America
    In the age of globalization, America's image matters more than ever before. It is shaped in large part by foreign correspondents in the US. Who are they? How has technology changed the way they report their stories? What are they saying about America? Stephen Hess, who's worked for Presidents of both parties, is senior fellow emeritus at the Brookings Institution and author of Through Their Eyes.

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