Balancing Faith in Presidential Politics

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In 1960, Catholic candidate John F. Kennedy addressed what was called the -religion- issue head on. Speaking to a convention of protestant ministers about the potential influence of the Vatican on his Presidency, he told them that, in his mind, the separation of church and state was -absolute.- How times have changed! This year, Catholic candidate John Kerry is being accused of not being religious enough, while George W. Bush has tried to make his faith a political asset. Abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research are just some of the political issues with religious overtones. Warren Olney discusses the impact of religion on this year's presidential campaign with a religious pollster, Jesuit theologian, and other experts in religion and religious freedoms.
  • Making News: Supreme Court Rules HMOs Can-t Be Sued under State Law The US Supreme Court today dealt a unanimous blow to -patients- rights- laws allowing people to sue for big damages when their HMO-s deny them recommended medical care. David Savage, who covers the Court for the Los Angeles Times, reports that the decision will affect more than 100 million workers in the private sector. He adds it's likely that Congressional Democrats will revisit the issue in the near future.
  • Reporters Notebook: Private Rocket Makes It to Space
    Over the California desert this morning, 62 year-old test pilot Mike Melvill was reaching for an altitude of 62 miles when his SpaceShipOne soared out of Earth's atmosphere. Ninety minutes later, his rocket plane returned for an un-powered landing. George Whitesides, executive director of the National Space Society, says that this first private adventure into space, demonstrates that NASA-s way is not the only way.

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