Bills on Bullying

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Alarmed by the rash of recent school shootings, states and school districts across the country have enacted or are considering serious anti-bullying laws and measures. Advocates defend the response as critical in an age of easily available guns, but critics claim such procedures sidestep deeper issues of dysfunctional families. We ask school officials, psychologists, a TV writer and even an actual adolescent if the movement is a prudent response to recent violence, or an avoidance of real issues? (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Russian Diplomats Expelled - The Bush administration has ordered 50 Russian diplomats out of the US in the wake of last month's arrest of an FBI agent on charges that he spied for Moscow for 15 years. Former career diplomat Joseph Montville talks about the impact of this latest "espionage ballet" on intelligence efforts and US-Russian relations.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Latest Leakey Discovery - The discovery of a 3 million year-old skull in northern Kenya suggests that Lucy was not alone! The surprising new twist scrambles the prevailing view of the early stages of human ancestry. John Noble Wilford, of The New York Times reveals more about this latest Leakey discovery that has modern scientists scratching their heads.

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