Bioterrorism: Credible Threat or Our Latest Fear?

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In the aftermath of terrorism come warnings that a chemical or biological attack on US territory could come next. Though the cost, manufacture and delivery of such weapons may make the actual threat far away, nobody wants another surprise like September 11. Health agencies say we're ill prepared. Politicians are listening to their call for stepped-up defenses. Authorities on public health, biological weapons, and terrorism assess the immediacy of the threat, how soon it might come, and the best way to prepare. We'll also hear about the psychological effects of living in anticipation of such a terrorist attack.
  • Newsmaker: Pakistan and the Northern Alliance - Thousands of angry protesters attacked the abandoned US embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan today, as thousands more tried to flee the country. From Pakistan comes a warning to watch out for the Northern Alliance. Susannah Price is a BBC correspondent in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Inside the War Room - America's war on terrorism calls for a "phased strategy," starting with the perpetrators of the air attacks of September 11. What happens next? What's the end game? Who's calling the shots? Jane Perlez, of The New York Times, talks about how strategy is being shaped in President Bush's war cabinet.



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