Black Politics in the Post-Civil Rights Era

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He was one of the most charismatic leaders of America-s social and political landscape, a driving force behind the civil rights movement of the 1960's. Now, nearly four decades after Reverend Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, what has happened to the civil rights movement he championed? Where are today-s black leaders? What about organizations like the NAACP? How are African-American conservatives changing the debate? Today, on Martin Luther King Day, guest host Sara Terry looks at today's visionaries and the reality of black leadership in America today with scholars, political scientists, religious leaders, and civil rights advocates.
  • MaKing News: Sharon Authorizes Crackdown, Abbas Calls for Halt in Violence
    Newly sworn-in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told Palestinian security forces to halt attacks against Israeli targets, as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced orders for Israeli soldiers orders to act -without restrictions- against Palestinians who are stepping up attacks in the Gaza Strip. Matt Rees, Jerusalem Bureau chief for Time magazine, has more.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Condoleezza Rice May Face Tough Transition
    She-s one of the president-s closest friends, but will Condoleezza Rice be able to win over skeptical world leaders in her new post as Secretary of State? Tomorrow morning the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will open confirmation hearings for Rice. While her confirmation is virtually guaranteed, the hearings will allow the world to learn more about the kind of diplomat she will be, says Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post.
Guest host Sara Terry is an award-winning writer and photographer, who has written for the Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, Fast Company, Rolling Stone and the Boston Globe. Her photo-documentary project, Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace, will be published in September.

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