Bottom-of-the-Ninth, Baseball Delivers

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Less than two hours before the first game was cancelled, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced that there would not be a baseball strike this year after all. It-s the first time since 1972 that a strike date has been set and then averted. Although details of the four-year deal have not yet been made public, it-s unlikely that they-ll resolve the issues or end the hostility that still divide players from owners. We get an update from sports writers Ken Rosenthal, of The Sporting News, and Ron Rapoport, of the Chicago Sun Times, then talk to Marvin Miller, Fay Vincent and Mike Veeck, some of the people who-ve helped make professional baseball what it is today and what it will be in the future.
  • Newsmaker: Justices Call for Review of Juvenile Death Penalty
    Three justices of the US Supreme Court have urged their colleagues to take up the controversial issue of the death sentence for juveniles. Their suggestion is a response to an unsuccessful eleventh-hour request to spare the life of a Texas inmate who was 17 when he murdered three family members. Former federal prosecutor Edward Lazarus explains what makes this dissent so unusual and why a fourth justice may soon join them.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Crypts at the Cathedral: -The Ecclesiastical Skybox-
    On Labor Day, the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles will dedicate its massive new cathedral. Everything about Our Lady of the Angels is big, including its $ 3.5 million annual operating cost. Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times reports that the Archdiocese has come up with a creative approach to paying the bills, $ 2000-a-square-foot burial crypts that will be some of the priciest real estate in town.

Our Lady of the Angeles



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