Bradley Manning Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy

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The verdicts are in.  Army Colonel Denise Lind, the judge in Bradley Manning’s court martial ruled today that Manning did not “aid the enemy” when he gave 700,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks while he was an intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq.  But he was found guilty of other, very serious charges. President Obama and Vice President Biden met today with negotiators for Israel and the Palestinians.  Secretary of State John Kerry said they’ve agreed to tackle all the so-called “final status” issues. And on today's Talking Point, when NPR’s “Weekend Edition” host Scot Simon began tweeting about his mother’s process of dying, his messages were shared by a wider and wider audience—on talk shows, in magazines and elsewhere on the Internet.  What’s the broader message—about Americans’ ability to share our grief.  Back in a moment with “To the Point.”  

Banner image: Private First Class Bradley Manning (C), 25, is escorted out of court after closing arguments in his military trial at Fort Meade, Maryland July 25, 2013. James Lawler Duggan/REUTERS



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