Brahimi, UN Set the Stage for Transfer of Power in Iraq

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The Bush Administration says that regardless of what happens in Fallujah, it remains intent on transferring political power in Iraq on June 30. President Bush says he-ll take the recommendations of Lakdhar Brahimi, the Algerian diplomat who represents the United Nations. But questions remain about who Iraq's new leaders will be and how they can have -full sovereignty- if 135,000 American troops remain under US command? When Paul Bremer-s replaced by John Negroponte, will life change for the Iraqi people? Will the UN give the new Iraqi government legitimacy? Will it make any difference to the Iraqi people? Warren Olney speaks with journalists, foreign policy experts and a spokesman for the Iraqi Governing Council about the prospects for transferring political power on June 30.
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    For three hours today, President Bush and Vice President Cheney appeared jointly before the Commission investigating September 11. Later, in the Rose Garden, the President declined to offer details of the meeting but said that they had answered every question. Monica Gabrielle, whose husband was killed in the South Tower of the World Trace Center, and is on the standing committee of the 9-11 Commission, says too many questions remain unanswered.

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