Bribery is the price of admission to some of America’s ‘best’ schools

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Gates to Yale University. Image by David Mark/Pixabay

Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, USC and UCLA are just a few of the colleges and universities tainted by a national bribery scandal. Demand for “elite” education far exceeds the supply, and many millions of dollars are involved. But, what’s the real value of higher learning when it’s also available at thousands of other schools?

We’ll have that conversation and we’ll hear about the unprecedented criminal investigation of two fatal airline crashes and why pilots knew nothing about new software on the now-grounded Boeing 737 Max.



  • Dominic Gates - Aerospace reporter for the Seattle Times - @SeaTimesAero
  • Jon Reider - Former Stanford admissions officer at Stanford University from 1985 - 2000
  • Tim Klein - Director of Strategic Partnerships for Project Wayfinder, a curriculum design specialist at Boston College and a teaching fellow at Harvard University. He’s also a clinical therapist and award-winning guidance counselor. - @ProjectWayfindr


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