Bush and Fox: US-Mexico Partnership

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The presidents of the United States and Mexico reportedly like each other a lot, and each sees benefits to establishing a new relationship between their two nations. Yet centuries of distrust and hostility can't be wiped away with a handshake. Drug traffic, economic domination and immigration can mean political danger on either side of the border. As President Bush prepares to receive his first head of state at the White House, we join labor and immigration experts for a look at the potential benefits and risk for him and for Mexico's Vicente Fox.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Changes Priorities - "It's the economy, stupid" was the line made famous by Bill Clinton's defeat of President George Bush in 1992. Now, son George W. Bush in the White House, and the economy is rearing its head once again. Gail Chaddock, of the Christian Science Monitor, offers an overview of the President's shift in priorities from education to righting the economy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US and Israel Walk Out on Racism Conference - The US and Israel have pulled out of the UN World Conference against Racism, claiming that Arab nations were trying to turn the meeting into a condemnation of Israel. As remaining delegates try to pick up the pieces, Angie Kapelianis, of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, assesses reaction to the pullout and attempts to salvage the conference.

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