Bush and the Budget

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President Bush calls his plan to reduce federal spending, while increasing funding to education, health and defense "compassionate conservatism." Senators attack it as unrealistic, the public says it doesn't want it, and even Republicans want to increase public spending. Can Bush muster the necessary political and popular support? Who will be the big budget winners and losers? We'll ask a Democrat and Republican on the House budget committee, a public policy pollster, political reporter, and tax cut advocate. (Laurie Levenson guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Foreign View of China Diplomacy - Yesterday China released the crew of an American surveillance plane after Washington issued a revised apology. David Manasian, of London's Economist, says that although Europe shares America's sense of relief, it remains apprehensive over Bush's unilateralist handling of this incident and the Kyoto Treaty.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Banned Software Code Shows Up in Haikus - Hollywood has sued to block a new software decryption code that protects DVD movies from being copied on the Internet. Carnegie Mellon University scientist David Touretzky calls the industry's attempts to suppress the "napsterization" of movies unconstitutional and shares some of the creative methods being used to camouflage the code.

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