Bush at the Edge of the &quotAxis of Evil&quot

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After he called North Korea part of an "Axis of Evil," North Korean radio described President Bush as an "ignorant political hooligan." Such is the rhetoric as the President prepares to visit the border between the Koreas, which he describes as "one of the most dangerous places on earth," where modern armies on full alert are massed on both sides. Will the President's denunciation increase hostility or help resolve historic tensions across a dangerous border? We join former Ambassador James Lilley, international correspondents, and Korean defense analyst Kongdan Oh for a look behind the rhetoric at a relic of Cold War tensions that have never been resolved.
  • Newsmaker: Death Sentence Debate in Georgia
    The European Union and the Council of Europe are among those asking the US Supreme Court to halt the execution of a mentally ill man next week in Georgia. Alexander Williams, who was 17 when he kidnapped and raped a 16 year-old girl, is 33 and diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. Ron Scherer, of The Christian Science Monitor, looks at the case that poses far reaching medical, moral and legal questions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Sixty Years after Japanese Internment
    Sixty years ago today, Pearl Harbor had been attacked and Japanese warships were being sighted off America's West Coast. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the order forcing 120,000 Japanese-Americans to give up their homes and businesses and move to internment camps. US-born Sumi Utsushigawa Shimatsu, who was 13 when her family arrived at the Crystal City internment camp, shares some hard-learned lessons.

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