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George Bush campaigned hard for education reform, but Congressional Democrats are paring away at key Bush proposals. Conservatives are complaining that Democrats have eviscerated a good plan with cooperation from a Republican White House that's also approved increased spending. How will the realities of a divided leadership determine the fate of campaign promises that put the "compassion" into conservatism? We ask an education policy analyst, Georgia Congressman who helped draft the House version of the Education Act, and a spokesman from the National Education Association.
  • Newsmaker: Panel Recommends New Cholesterol Standards - With heart disease America's top killer, the medical world is buzzing today with a report that the death rate can be significantly lowered with "aggressive" treatment of powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs. Dr. James Cleeman, of the National Institute of Health, explains good and bad cholesterol, and the new therapeutic approach.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Are SUV Sales Slipping as Gas Prices Skyrocket? - The Christian Science Monitor reports a "sea change in American car-buying." In car-conscious Southern California, with gas headed toward 3 dollars a gallon, drivers are getting out of gas-guzzling Sport Utility Vehicles and into smaller, fuel efficient cars. The Monitor's Daniel Wood addresses whether the rising cost of gas means end end of an era of SUV's.

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