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The Bush White House quickly made good on its promise to ease some environmental regulations. On arsenic levels in drinking water, the release of greenhouse gases and drilling in the Arctic, the administration has reversed Clinton era initiatives. How much muscle will the White House put behind environmental law as a battle wages over President Bush's nominee for chief environmental enforcer? We ask journalists, environmentalists, and an environmental law expert. (Jim Sterngold guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Brazil to Break Roche's AIDS Drug Patent - Brazil has announced that it will begin producing a generic AIDS drug, breaking the patent of Swiss company, Roche. Boston Globe correspondent John Donnelly has more on the risks and rewards of Brazil's decision to become the first country in the world to violate a registered drug patent in order to help its country's AIDS patients.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Why the US Let the Rwandan Tragedy Happen - It's been seven years since the tribal warfare and genocide in Rwanda, but the debate over what the US did and how it should have responded continues. Samantha Power, of Harvard University's Center for Human Rights Policy, has written an article for the September Atlantic Monthly on the moral and political response of the Clinton White House.

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