Too Late for Bush to Mend Fences with Latin America?

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When George Bush came into office six years ago he vowed the Southern Hemisphere would be his top foreign policy priority--but that was before September 11 and Iraq.  Now, midway through his second term, the President has begun a week-long visit to the region, to try to woo back Latin America and boost American influence. One of the few concrete agreements that might come out of the trip is a deal with Brazil about ethanol production.  However, Bush is up against some stiff political competition from radical leaders like Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, who argues the US has nothing good to offer its southern neighbors. Can the President overcome his widespread hemispheric unpopularity? Can he offset the growing influence of regional leftists like Chávez?  Guest host Marc Cooper speaks with journalists and experts in energy, foreign policy and national security.




Marc Cooper