Bush Inauguration

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On day one of Bush Two's presidency, what's new and what's the same? The man who governed Texas on an as-needed basis must now acclimate to the demands of a full-time professional Congress. Will he focus on a handful of achievable objectives or start bigger and faster than some old hands have expected? Can we expect compromises from "the great uniter" on education, energy, taxes, and campaign finance reform? We'll talk policy, plans and strategy with reporters in both Capitol cities, and get the perspectives of veterans of both political parties.
  • Newsmaker: Pope Appoints 37 New Cardinals - On Sunday the Pope appointed 37 new cardinals, three of them Americans. Father Richard McBrien, of Notre Dame University, confesses that, as with everything else, there were politics involved. He adds that His Holiness included some surprises as well as some "shoe-ins."
  • Reporter's Notebook: Clinton's Search for a Role Model - Bill Clinton said Saturday that he's leaving the presidency, but that he's not going away. Will he focus his energy on good works or on quarreling, with his successor? Los Angeles Times political writer Ron Brownstein gives us his take, now that Clinton's "back in the fray."

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