Bush Seeks UN Approval on Iraq

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Saddam Hussein has not just defied the United Nations. He has -unilaterally subverted- its orders to stop building weapons of mass destruction, stop encouraging terror, and stop abusing his own people. While the President acknowledged that it-s the UN-s obligation to enforce those orders, he made it clear that, if it doesn-t, the United States will go it alone. We look at the chances of UN Security Council support, the legal consequences of unilateral action, and what it could mean for the Middle East with an expert on international law, former special Middle East coordinator Dennis Ross, and Ruth Wedgwood and Youssef Ibrahim of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Newsmaker: McBride Looks like a Winner in Close Florida Vote
    In Florida-s primary on Tuesday, one precinct showed a 900 percent turnout. In another, with 1637 registered voters, only one ballot was reportedly cast. Peter Wallsten, state bureau chief of the Miami Herald, reports on the preliminary results of the governor-s race between former Attorney General Janet Reno and businessman-attorney Bill McBride, and Florida-s ongoing series of voting irregularities.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Thomas Friedman on Iraq, Journalism and His New Book
    More than a columnist for America-s newspaper of record, the New York Times- Tom Friedman played a role in international diplomacy when he broke the story of the Saudi Middle East peace plan. The author of Longitudes and Attitudes: Exploring the World after September 11 is read and heeded in Washington and other capitals of the world. Friedman opines on Iraq, the job of a lifetime, and his new book.

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