Bush's National Education Policy

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President Bush has laid out his plan for education reform, promising federal money to local districts that identify problem schools. Education Secretary Ron Paige has drawn bipartisan support for his success as Houston's school superintendent, but there's disagreement over what he accomplished. We evaluate the "Houston Miracle" with a former White House correspondent, the head of Houston's teachers' union, a critic of Texas' educational experience, and an educator who writes on educational motivation.
  • Newsmaker: India's Earthquake - India's devastating earthquake has left at least 11,000 dead, 32,000 injured and thousands missing. Scott Baldauf, who is covering the quake for the Christian Science Monitor, calls relief efforts "chaotic," in part because the state is not yet fully mobilized. (Earthquake Relief Organizations)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Jimmy Carter and An Hour Before Daylight - Former President Jimmy Carter's new book takes its title from the wake-up call on his Georgia peanut farm. It's also symbolic of the time just before the civil rights revolution. Mr. Carter, a champion of civil rights, tells us what his experience taught him about "separate but equal" and talks about race relations in the Deep South -- then, and now.

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