Bush's Nominees To The Federal Bench

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Lifetime appointments to federal courts are often a president's longest-lasting legacy. President Bush's first nominations to federal courts of appeal include Democrats, women, blacks and a Latino. That careful mix may help produce some confirmations from a divided Senate. But what about the nominees Democrats view as too far to the right? We'll look at the predictions of partisan warfare, and find out how ideological interest groups effect the selection process. We'll hear from a rejected nominee who says it's all too political.
  • Newsmaker: Israelis Enraged Over Killing of Two Young Boys -- The Palestinian Authority has declared a state of emergency in Gaza after Israeli forces launched missile attacks which struck a police station and the one of Yasser Arafat's offices. Israeli military sources say the attacks were in retaliation for the deaths of two civilian workers who were killed earlier in the day by a roadside bomb. Israelis already were outraged by the gruesome beating deaths of two 14 year old boys while they were hiking near their homes in a West-Bank Jewish settlement on Tuesday. Herb Keinon is Diplomatic Correspondent for Israel's Jerusalem Post.
  • Reporter's Notebook: California Republicans Express Concern Over Bush Energy Policy -- "Politically, Bush has got an absolute nightmare." That quote, in today's New York Times, is attributed to the Republican Governor of South Dakota, who's close to the President, and who's worried that rising gas prices and rolling blackouts could cost their party control of the Congress in next year's elections. The balance could depend on California, where 4 GOP members have broken with Bush to support price controls on energy. Our guest is Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Republican Congressman from the San Diego area of California.



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