Bush's Six-Month Progress Report

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Six months into his term, Clinton was up, Bush Sr. down. How does George W. Bush look to the country now? His election finale nearly eliminated the usual honeymoon. His first six months have been anything but quiet. Now global warming, missile defense, nuclear power and tax cuts are all irrevocably associated with Bush. Campaign finance reform and the Patients' Bill of Rights could be next. We get the latest survey from the Gallup Poll and sample reporters and commentators around the country to see how the President's doing.
  • Newsmaker: Beijing Picked to Host 2008 Olympics - In Moscow today, the International Olympic Committee voted to give Beijing the Summer Olympiad for the year 2008. Alan Abrahamson, of the Los Angeles Times, was bewildered that the IOC totally skirted the issue of human rights, and awed by how well the Chinese have learned from their mistakes.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Beijing Rejoices at Getting 2008 Summer Olympic Games - Robert Marquand, Beijing bureau chief for The Christian Science Monitor, says there is no peace tonight on Beijing's Avenue of Eternal Peace after the city was awarded the Summer 2008 Olympic Games. He has more on the reaction, the task ahead, and the potential ramifications of the momentous decision.

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