Cable Mega-Merger or Monopoly?

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Comcast's potential purchase of AT&T; Cable will make the newly merged company a competitor to AOL-Time Warner, and give it a full third of the country's cable industry. In an era of increasing deregulation, it's unlikely that the mega-merger will face opposition from the courts or FCC. But what's potentially great news for investors could be bad news for consumers if economic concentration stifles competition and drives prices up. We look at the pros and cons of the proposed merger with those who analyze, administer, advocate and oppose it.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Unveils Plan to Cut Drug Costs for Seniors - President Bush today called on Congress to strengthen Medicare, and announced a program to lower the costs of prescription drugs to senior Medicare patients. Tricia Newman, of the Kaiser Family Foundation's Medicare Policy Project, has more on Bush's vision for greater competition between federal and private medical plans.
  • Reporter's Notebook: World Opinion on Beijing Getting 2008 Olympic Games - Tomorrow, the International Olympic Committee will decide the venue for the Summer Games of 2008. With five cities in the running, Beijing has garnered the most attention and controversy.'s June Thomas, who writes on international newspapers, gives us a sampling of the views of opinion makers around the world.

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