California Dream and the Recall

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Is California leading the nation or going off the deep end? In the past ten years, California has seen floods, fires, earthquakes and America-s worst civil disturbance of the 20th Century. This year, it-s the recall election: 135 candidates who want to be Governor - including Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator. California is the state that has been called -a laboratory for testing new political ideas.- Is this what the rest of the country is in for? We hear about how California looks to the rest of the world from a journalist, author and an essayist travel writer.
  • Making News: Last Day Before Recall Election
    More than two million absentee ballots have already been cast in California-s recall election, and the rest of the voters will finally go to the polls tomorrow. California-s recall election has been portrayed as grass roots democracy in action and as a circus. The 135 candidates ranged from the opportunistic to the bizarre. The growing media crowd is now reporting something much more familiar: another nasty quarrel between the two major parties.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Israel Attacks Syrian Base
    Israel-s first attack on Syria in 30 years was designed to "send a message." Syria has called on the UN Security Council to condemn Israel-s attack on what the Israelis called a terrorist training camp inside the Syrian border. The air strike came hours after a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 19 people in the Israeli city of Haifa. What are the implications for peace in the Middle East?



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