Campaigns Fight for Remaining Swing States as Debate Nears

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This campaign week is beginning with another exchange on Iraq. It will end with a debate on foreign policy. Both President Bush and Senator Kerry will spend most of the interim preparing for the first debate of this Presidential campaign. It'll be Thursday in Coral Gables, Florida on the topic of Foreign Policy. With election day just five weeks away, the number of swing states is declining. At the same time, conflicts between public opinion polls suggest there's still a lot of uncertainty. In anticipation of the first presidential debate, Warren Olney looks at some of the surprise that have occurred already as well as what might be in store with national pollsters, political correspondents, media watchers and political scientists.
  • Making News: Increased Hurricanes Connected to Global Climate Change?
    Florida has been hit by four hurricanes in 6 weeks, the first time that's happened since Texas was devastated in1886. What does this mean for the future? Oceanographer D. James Baker, former head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now president of the Academy of Natural Sciences, says natural climactic cycles are being transformed by global warming.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Damascus Car Bombing Kills Hamas Official
    Thousands of Palestinians, many demanding revenge, have buried the body of Izzideen al-Sheik Khalil, who was killed yesterday by a massive car bomb in Damascus, Syria. Many of those at the funeral of the Hamas leader blame Israel. Greg Myre of the New York Times, says despite Israel's not taking direct responsibility, it has clearly told Palestinian militants they are not safe, even if they operate from the capitals of Arab nations.

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