Can Arabs Really Rally Behind Palestinians?

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All over the Arab world, street protesters are demanding help for Yasser Arafat. But the Palestinian's current plight reveals the curious historic reality that Arab governments have long provided more lip service than substance. Past wars have ended in humiliating defeat. The economics of oil and the need for aid have created dependence on the United States. Now, with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat fighting for his own personal security and for the very existence of his Palestinian Authority, which governs the West Bank and Gaza, what can the Palestinians expect from the rest of the Arab world? What's the impact of America's diplomacy? We get perspective from Arab states and the Arab street.
  • Newsmaker: Zinni Was Close to Securing Deal
    Despite recent terrorist attacks and increased Israeli incursions into Ramallah, the White House has voiced optimism that General Anthony Zinni may still be able to work out a deal. Richard Wolffe, who reports from the White House for London's Financial Times, has more on American optimism that may be challenged by recently published details putting Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat perilously close to terrorists.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Twenty Years after Argentina's Falkland Islands Conflict
    Long claimed by Argentina, the Falkland Islands have been a British Colony since 1833. Twenty years ago, Argentina's fading military ruler seized the British-held islands, 250 miles off shore, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher responded with an armada. Hector Tobar, of the Los Angeles Times, says the consequences of Argentina's humiliating defeat are still felt in that country today.

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