Can California Show the Nation How to Be Color Blind?

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On October 7, Californians will vote on whether to recall the Governor they elected just last November, but that-s not all that will be on the ballot. There also will be an initiative measure with the potential to influence the Governor-s fate, and which has the potential to become an issue nationwide. Supporters call Proposition 54 the Racial Privacy Initiative. If it passes, government agencies would be prohibited from asking anyone about race or ethnicity. Opponents say that flies in the face of reality, especially in America-s most diverse state. What about social research and continued discrimination? We debate the pros and cons of such a color-blind society with civil rights activists, a state pollster, and advocates on both sides of the proposed initiative.
  • Making News: Hijacking Threats and Airline Security
    During his news conference this morning, President Bush was asked about recent warnings that al Qaeda might try more suicide skyjackings. The question followed reports that the Transportation Security Administration wants to save money by cutting back on air marshals. Today, that policy appears to have been reversed. Former CNN reporter Carl Rochelle is an aviation consultant who often appears on NBC and MSNBC.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Total Recall on Schwarzenegger
    In California's October recall election to replace Governor Gray Davis, whoever gets the most votes will be elected, regardless of party. Though Arnold Schwarzenegger will reportedly not run, until he publicly rules himself out, he has the potential to shake up an already chaotic political situation. The Sacramento Bee-s Dan Weintraub reflects on the possible candidacy of the actor, producer, weight-lifter and would-be political broker.

President Bush-s press conference

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Prohibition against Discrimination or Preferential Treatment by State and Other Public Entities (Prop 209, 1996)

Ward Connerly, author of RPI

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