Can Fake News Lead to Real War?

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Deepfake video of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Video screengrab

The renown silversmith Paul Revere distorted facts and created the “Boston Massacre,” helping support the American Revolution. But Fake News about Vietnam and Iraq led to wars now considered historic disasters. While America is still figuring out how the Russians created an effective online misinformation campaign in 2016, little is being done to address the latest threat from deep fake videos. Artificial intelligence is now being used to manufacture misleading content that’s so good, experts themselves are duped. Disseminating fact from fiction it tougher than ever and the prospect of a mistake could lead to disaster.



  • Robin Wright - contributing writer at The New Yorker magazine, and a joint fellow at U.S. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center - @wrightr
  • Steven Simon - Visiting professor at Colby College. Former US National Security Council and senior director for counterterrorism and for the Middle East and North Africa
  • Amy Webb - Author and adjunct professor, NYU Stern School of Business - @AmyWebb


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