Can President Bush Mend Putin's Ways?

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When Vladimir Putin said today he's committed to democracy and there's no turning back, President Bush responded that when the Russian President says something, he means it. Their comments came after today's summit meeting in Slovakia that's being closely watched by liberals and conservatives worried that Russia is sliding back toward autocracy. It was seen as the first big test of the President's second inaugural promise to talk tough about democracy -to every ruler and every nation.- We evaluate today's performances with reporters in Bratislava, and experts and political analysts from the Moscow Carnegie Center, Russia House, American Enterprise Institute and Brookings Institution.
  • Making News: Pope John Paul II Rushed to Hospital with Flu Relapse
    Pope John Paul II is back in the hospital having suffered a relapse of breathing problems caused by the flu, and is expected to undergo a tracheotomy to facilitate breathing. From Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, where she is reporting for the Christian Science Monitor and Britain-s Guardian, Sophie Arie speculates on the health of the 84 year-old pontiff, who's medical condition is being closely guarded by the Vatican.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Conference of State Legislatures Criticize No Child Left Behind Law
    The President's reform program for accountability in public education, called No Child Left Behind, is causing problems all over the US. That's the conclusion of a bipartisan panel of state legislators, which, after 10 months of staff work and hearings around the country, praises the programs goal but says major changes need to be made. Steve Kelley, Democratic State Senator from Minnesota is co-chair of the task force.

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