Can Schools Aim High When Budgets Are Low?

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Countries around the world are surpassing the US when it comes to education, and America could fall behind in the global economy. With schools beset by budget cuts and teacher layoffs, is this the moment to adopt national standards for English and Math? We look at proposals agreed to by the leaders of 48 states. Also, are the Democrats any closer to solving the healthcare crisis? On Reporter's Notebook, founders of the Coffee Party movement want to sit down and talk—not about getting rid of government but about making it work. The parties begin tomorrow.

Banner image: Students prepare to leave on school buses from Westport High School on March 11, 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri. The high school is among 29 in a district of 61 schools that will close due to the new budget plan that is making the cuts to ward off bankruptcy. Photo: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images



Warren Olney