Can Yasser Arafat Hold onto His Job?

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Yasser Arafat faces what could be his most serious challenge since he established the Palestinian Authority10 years ago. This weekend's appointment of his cousin to head security forces sparked violent protests against cronyism and corruption, and moved Ahmed Qurei to quit his job, saying that -chaos cannot bring victory,- except to the enemy, Israel. Although the Prime Minister has tentatively withdrawn his resignation, Arafat has barely been able to hold his government together. Can he hold off a new generation of Palestinians hungry for power? Is chaos in Gaza a threat to Israel, or does it play into the hands of Ariel Sharon? What are the prospects for international intervention? Warren Olney hears from journalists and experts in the Middle East, an Arab American activist, and the Prime Minister's chief negotiator.
  • Making News: Haiti Seeks Help from International Community
    Four months after former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide-s departure, Haiti needs $924 million for basic services, security and economic recovery. The new President, Gerard Latortue, told reporters at the World Bank donor-s conference in Washington today, he thinks he-ll get it. James Morrell, who advised Aristide in negotiations in 1993, now serves as executive director of the Haiti Democracy Project.
  • Reporters Notebook: Trading for Hostages
    Truck driver Angelo de la Cruz has been freed after the Philippine government complied with demands to withdraw its 51 troops from Iraq, a move which has drawn criticism from the US and its allies. Meantime, Bulgaria says it will keep its troops in Iraq despite the beheading of one of its civilian truck drivers. Edward Djerejian is a former ambassador who helped negotiate the release of American hostages in Lebanon.

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