Candidate Rhetoric versus Future Action

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One clich- about this year's presidential campaign is that it pits a man of substance whose character is doubtful against an amiable man whose substance is questionable. Is Bush the new man Washington needs or is he inexperienced and anti-intellectual? Does Gore have the experience to make the right changes or is he rooted in Washington partisanship and scandal? One week before the election, uncertainty still rules the campaign. We'll speak with David Frum, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, the senior editor of The New Republic, a columnist for The Nation, and a professor of culture, journalism and sociology at New York University.
  • Newsmaker: There was deadly violence today when a suspected Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli soldier in the heart of Jerusalem and another in the Eastern part of the city. The Israeli government retaliated with helicopter gunships that fired rockets at political and police headquarters in three Palsetinian cities. Yosi Katz, a member of Israel's Knesset and member of Prime Minister Barak's Labor Party, talks to us about Barak's struggles with the peace process, violence, and attempts to form a coalition government.
  • Reporter's Notebook: American school children are taught that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French nation to the people of New York, designed to personify America's offer of freedom to immigrants from all over the world. Albert Boime, Professor of Art History at UCLA, debunks this popular myth telling us that the Statue of Liberty may tell us more about 19th Century France.



Warren Olney