Casinomania, the Rise of the Machines

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With Americans feeding in coins at the rate of a billion dollars a day, slot machines make more money per year than McDonald-s, Wendy-s, Burger King and Starbucks combined. State legislators all over the US are discovering the slots as an easy way to reduce debt without raising taxes. This week, the Pennsylvania State Senate voted to authorize more slot machines than any other state but Nevada, in the hopes of keeping local gamblers from crossing the line to New Jersey or West Virginia. But some of the new video-type machines are creating false expectations that keep gamblers coming back. Warren Olney joins representatives and consultants to the gambling industry, an advocate for traditional family values, and journalists and psychiatrists for a look at compulsive gambling and its use as a course of revenue for law enforcement and schools.
  • Making News: Marlon Brando Dies
    He's been called the greatest actor of his generation, but his off-screen life often attracted as much attention as his many roles. Marlon Brando died yesterday at the age of 80. Richard Schickel, film critic for Time magazine and author of Matinee Idylls: Reflections on the Movies, remembers the very private man who came to loathe acting and dreamed of a life in politics.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Pristine Native American Site Revealed
    The Fremont Indians built homes and granaries as if they-d last for a thousand years, but then the whole culture just disappeared. Two years ago, 74 year-old Waldo Wilcox sold his Range Creek ranch to a historic trust that has now been acquired by the State of Utah. Ron Rood, Utah assistant state archeologist, has more on the attempt to preserve one of the most extensive ancient Indian sites in North America.

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