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In Dallas, America's Catholic bishops are trying to calm the storm of the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the church in recent months. While prelates have admitted responsibility for and, in some cases, complicity in prolonging the problem, they now face the challenge of creating a draft policy on sexual abuse. Can they succeed in formulating guidelines acceptable to both the pope they must obey and the laity they choose to serve? We hear about the social, political and theological ramifications of the controversy from a bishop attending the forum and a Dallas reporter who's uncovered a troubling pattern of abuse. We also hear from a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and other lay and church members working toward church reform. Sara Terry, of the Christian Science Monitor, guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: First-Person Report on Colorado Forest Fires
    Though shifting winds have aided firefighters battling the Colorado wildfire that has burned 90,000 acres since Saturday, many homes remain threatened. Behind the fire lines, a community of support services has sprung up to care for the firefighters when they break from their 12-hour shifts. Logistics officer Fred Houston reflects on risks and routines of firefighting, and the challenge of running a virtual city on the edge of the blaze.
  • Reporter's Notebook: New England Journal of Medicine to Relax Conflict-of-Interest Rules
    Saying there's no way to find independent doctors who can review drug treatments because of the proliferation of drug companies funding medical research, the New England Journal of Medicine has announced a change of policy in its conflict of interest rules. Although he acknowledges the scarcity in disinterested reviewers, former editor-in-chief, Dr. Arnold Relman, laments the new policy, calling it "too permissive."

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