Catholicism in Crisis

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Throughout the US, parishes are in turmoil over court cases involving sex abuse by Catholic priests. In Boston, after a defrocked priest was convicted of sexual assault, the Archdiocese gave authorities the names of 80 priests accused of sexual misconduct dating back 40 years. Some lifelong Catholics are leaving the Church. Others are demanding reform and the resignation of senior officials. Is priestly celibacy an epidemic or has a witch hunt blown forgivable indiscretions out of proportion? We look at the moral crisis facing America's most powerful religious institution with a priest in the Boston Archdiocese, a former Catholic parishioner, a sister who heads the Pastoral Ministry of Boston College, and a former Benedictine monk turned psychotherapist.
  • Newsmaker: Colombian Hijacking Puts Peace Process in Jeopardy
    In Colombia today, a domestic airliner was hijacked and forced to land in a rural town. At least one passenger was kidnapped. The government has blamed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Daniel Garcia Pena Director of Planeta Paz, a group advocating peace and social justice, says that the incident seriously jeopardizes the peace talks at a most crucial stage.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Olympic Credibility Overshadowing Skating and Other Sports
    Michelle Kwan's in the lead, just as she was 4 years ago after the so-called "short program." But in Japan, she lost the gold for women's figure skating to a relative unknown named Tara Lipinsky. Could it happen again? Johnette Howard, sports columnist for Newsday, takes a look at women's figure skating and the challenges to Olympic credibility.

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