Central American Children and the Politics of Immigration

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61,000 unaccompanied kids who have arrived at the Mexican border are upsetting the plans of both Democrats and Republicans. Members of Congress, about to go home for the August recess, are bracing for town halls full of emotional constituents with competing points of view. Before they leave, can House Republicans pass a bill that looks like it deals with the problem? Will the President help Democrats or hurt them if he takes executive action? What’s at stake for the mid-term elections and the presidential race in 2016?

Also, fighting continues in Gaza, and the NCAA and brain damage in athletes.

Banner Image: Pro-Immigration protesters march towards the Escondido City Hall July 22, 2014. A meeting was held by the Escondido City Council at the city hall to discuss whether or not to allow Southwest Key, a leading shelter provider for unaccompanied immigrant children, to open a shelter in Escondido. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker