Chavez Nomination and the Vetting of Washington

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Linda Chavez has withdrawn herself as nominee for Secretary of Labor even before FBI's vetting process. Some say she's a loser in an escalating ideological battle. Others call her a victim of the "politics of personal destruction." Was it gender discrimination? Why didn't Bush stand by her? We examine the FBI's role in investigating nominees and the role of the media. We'll hear from constitutional and civil rights advocates, a political scientist and journalists, including one who once worked for Chavez.
  • Newsmaker: American Airlines to Buy TWA - As in the communications industry, deregulation was supposed to encourage airline competition. But now American has agreed to buy TWA for 500 million dollars, giving control of half the nation's air travel market to two companies. Joe Brancatelli, columnist for, calls the deal bad news for travelers and shareholders alike.
  • Reporter's Notebook: First-Person Account of An SUV Rollover - Yesterday, Ford Motors settled with a woman left quadriplegic by an accident in her SUV. Journalist Charles Wheelan has written about the dangers of SUV's. But his first-person account of why he drove one anyway, and what happened when it flipped over with him and his family inside, is far more convincing than investigative statistics.

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