China - Human Rights and Olympic Dreams

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From Hitler's Berlin to the terrorists in Munich, politics have stormed the Olympics. Now, still in its bid to host the 2008 games, China finds its human rights record under the microscope. Both the US and UN have criticized China's record on human rights. Will the International Olympic Committee sidestep human rights issues for the regime's ability to address traffic, technology and safety concerns? We examine China's human rights and Olympic dreams with a spokesman from the Chinese Embassy, representative of Human Rights Watch/Asia, and Chinese-born practitioner of Falun Gong. (Diana Nyad guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Drug Makers Sue South African Government - Pharmaceutical companies have filed suit against a South African law that permits importation of new cheap, generic drugs for the treatment of AIDS. Simon Barber, of South Africa's Business Day, updates us on the precedent setting case which pits constitutionally protected right against international trade rules.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A College Major in Golf - There's a growing number of golf courses across the US. In response, nine higher institutes of education are offering a degree in golf, and 1400 "Tigermania" majors are putting their way through undergraduate school. The Wall Street Journal's James Sterba updates us on this winning sports management program.

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