China-s Communist Party Congress

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The Communist Party, which used to intrude on the intimate daily lives of the Chinese people, now seems remote, especially to young business professionals who-ve lived with 13 years of extraordinary economic growth. Yet, the workers and peasants who formed the backbone of Mao Zedong-s revolution are being left behind. As the Communist Party Congress gets under way, will new leadership make any difference? Can the Party control corruption, restore its legitimacy and stave off social unrest? We get a sense of the mood in Beijing and about President Jiang Zemin-s valedictory speech to the assembly, then focus on the battle between status quo stability and political reform with the head of Human Rights Watch in China, an election reformer from the Carter Center and former Ambassador to China, James Lilley.
  • Newsmaker: Unanimous UN Vote Gives Iraq One Week to Comply
    By a unanimous vote, with even Syria assenting, the UN Security Council today passed a tough, new resolution demanding unfettered access for weapons inspectors in Iraq. Evelyn Leopold, United Nations bureau chief for Reuters News Service, reports on the UN process, Iraq-s likelihood to accept the unconditional conditions, and the potential impact US policy in the region.
  • Reporter's Notebook: South America-s Terrorism
    Immediately after September 11, intelligence agencies looked at the intersection boundaries of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay for suspected terrorists. Now, attention has turned that way again, with reports that the Tri-Border Region is a planning center for acts of terror against US and Israel. Mike Boettcher, a national correspondent and terrorism expert for CNN, looks at the sources, targets and the Wild West nature of the area.

UN Arms Inspection in Iraq

President Bush-s Response to UN Resolution

Communist Party of China

Communist Party-s 16th National Congress



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