China's President Hu Jintao Visits Washington

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If the US is the world's superpower today, China is thought to be quickly rising to equal status on several fronts, from its dynamic global economic market to its rapidly developing modern military. Yet certain policies, such as its $100 billion energy deal with Iran, do not line up with US vision. Tomorrow, for the first time, George Bush will officially receive President Hu Jintao at the White House. Will they be able to find common ground on such thorny issues as the trade deficit, human rights, nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea, and US support for Taiwan? Guest host Diana Nyad explores the complex relationship between the two countries economists, trade experts and political scientists from China and the US.
  • Making News: McClellan Steps Down, Rove Loses White House Responsibilities
    White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan resigned today, the third Bush staff member to do so in recent days. Scott McClellan, who has served nearly three years, called this a "good time and good position to help bring about change." In related news, it was announced that Karl Rove will leave his policy post to concentrate on midterm elections. Richard Wolffe is White House correspondent for Newsweek magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FBI Wants Files of Late Muckraker Jack Anderson
    Newspaper columnist Jack Anderson, who died in December, was well-known for digging up Washington scandals. Now the FBI wants to search some 200 boxes of his files, to confiscate what they say are classified documents. Anderson's son refuses, claiming the action would violate his father's principles. Scott Carlson, senior reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education, picks up the story.
Guest host Diana Nyad, 2002 inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, is a business sports columnist for Marketplace, senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and has hosted her own show on CNBC. She's also the author of three books.

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