CIA's Tenet Defends Iraq Weapons Intelligence

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George Tenet broke a long public silence today with a passionate speech defending America-s worldwide intelligence operations. He conceded shortcomings in pre-war Iraq, but said his agency never warned that a threat was imminent. He also insisted that -no one told [the CIA] what to say or how to say it.- Will Tenet-s defense silence critics of America-s intelligence operations? What about the successes Tenet claimed? What was the role of US spies in capturing Al Qaeda leaders, and in unveiling the network of nuclear proliferation now admitted by Pakistan-s leading scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan? We speak with an investigative journalist, former CIA agents, and nonproliferation and global security experts about US intelligence.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Supreme Court-s Interventions into Politics
    Today-s Los Angeles Times says that when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia went duck hunting in Louisiana, he was the guest of Vice President Dick Cheney, and that they traveled together on Air Force Two as well as on military Black Hawk helicopters. So, should Scalia recuse himself from a highly-politicized case involving the Vice President? Jeffrey Rosen has been covering the controversial issue for the New York Times.

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