Clean Air and Special Interests

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The New York Times has editorialized that environmentalists face a -perfect storm- when the new Republican Congress reconvenes. Others say the heavy weather-s already begun with an easing of regulations for controlling power plant emissions. The Bush EPA claims that existing rules are prohibitively expensive and will lead to more air pollution, but environmentalists accuse the White House of playing politics with the Clean Air Act which is credited with 30 years of environmental improvements. We look at the newest controversy over the air we breathe with representatives from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Protection Agency, the League of Conservation Voters, Harvard University, and Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee.
  • Newsmaker: End to Fighting in Sri Lanka
    After 19 years of fighting that-s killed 64,000 people, one of the world-s most bitter conflicts appears to be over. The Tamil Tigers and the government of Sri Lanka have made a historic agreement. Chandra de Silva, who was reared on that island off the coast of India, is a history professor at Virginia-s Old Dominion University. De Silva offers a historical perspective on the agreements that pushed both sides to the peace table.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Bankruptcy Looms as United Airlines Bailout Bid Rejected
    In the aftermath of September 11, Congress authorized the Air Transportation Stabilization Board to administer massive bailouts to US airlines. But yesterday, the Board denied United-s $1.8 billion request, pushing America-s second largest air carrier ever closer to bankruptcy. John Schmeltzer, aviation writer for the Chicago Tribune, assess the impact on employees, air travelers and commercial air transportation in the US?

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