Climate Change Talks Collapse

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After last weekend's collapse of the climate change talks in The Hague, we look at how the world -- and our next President -- will face global warming. Can we clean up our act? We ask representatives of the UN's panel on climate change, environmental consulting groups that specialize in climate change risk management, the German Ministry of the Environment, and Stanford's Center for Environmental Science and Policy.
  • Newsmaker: Florida Legislature's Attempt to Bypass Courts - As action continues in state and federal courts, Florida's legislature is moving to play a decisive role in the presidential election process. Linda Kleindienst, state capitol bureau chief for the Sun Sentinel of South Florida, joins us from Tallahassee.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Slowing Economy: Soft or Hard Landing? A slowdown in America's spectacular economic growth has been anticipated, but how soon and how painful might it be? Edward Leamer, economist and director of UCLA's Anderson Business Forecast, says that although the sky's not falling the economic harvest is definitely over.



Warren Olney