Climate Change, Technology and the Bush Administration

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Promotions for the film The Day after Tomorrow are showing a tornado in the Hollywood Hills and a tidal wave flooding New York City, wildly exaggerating the science of global warming. While the producers say that-s entertainment, in the real world, critics complain that the Bush administration is going the other way. Al Gore, and others have lauded the film for raising consciousness about the environment while the Bush administration virtually ignores the science of global warming. Is the US losing its lead in developing alternatives to fossil fuels? Warren Olney looks at the future of civilization and America-s economy in the short run with scientists, economists, investment bankers, and policy-making experts, including a former Energy Department official from the Clinton administration.
  • Making News: Iraqi Council Nominates Allawi for Prime Minister
    The Iraqi Governing Council has nominated one of its own to be Iraq-s next Prime Minister. UN Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi says he -welcomes and respects the choice- of Iyad Allawi. Hassan Fattah, correspondent for Time magazine, looks at the secular Shiite he calls the "anti-Chalabi" as well as important cabinet decisions ahead and hopes for continued US-UN cooperation in the face of the upcoming transfer of power.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: World War II Memorial Opens
    World War II sounds like ancient history to many Americans, but not to those who fought and survived. While there-s broad consensus that their sacrifice was worth it, wars in Vietnam and Korea got monuments on the National Mall long before World War II. As many as 200,000 people may show up tomorrow for the official dedication of the World War II Memorial. The Chicago Tribune's Michael Kilian finds the "funeral monument" long overdue, but somewhat lacking.

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