Clinton: Last Action Hero?

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In the waning hours of his presidency, Bill Clinton has enacted a flurry of actions. Is he trying to enhance his legacy, following the activist mold of John Q. Adams and Jimmy Carter, or moving precipitously to straightjacket George W. Bush? We'll consider whether Clinton has overstepped Congress, and weigh private rights against public policy with former Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, recently retired Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, a representative of the US Chamber of Commerce, and award-winning presidential biographer Robert Dallek.
  • Newsmaker Settlement Reached in Ford Lawsuit - Without admitting design flaws, Ford continues to settle lawsuits filed by accident victims driving Explorers equipped with Firestone tires. Bruce Kaster, a leading lawyer in defective tire cases who recently settled six such suits on behalf of victims, talks about Ford's latest settlement.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Growing Array of Film & TV Awards - With an industry that likes to celebrate itself and critics who see themselves as outside observers, there's a growing array of film and TV awards. Some are about popularity, others artistic merit. Do they help audiences tell what's good and what's bad? David Sterritt is film critic for the Christian Science Monitor and current chair of the New York Film Critics Circle.



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