Clinton's Last Days

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It's moving day at the White House. What is Clinton leaving behind? As the staff picks up papers and cleans out desks, we hear about his last minute actions. We review promises made and broken as well as final desperate efforts at Middle East peace. We'll weigh the rhetoric and results of one of America's most effective communicators with his senior speechwriter, a former assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, and political observers.
  • Newsmaker: Will the Lights Go Out in California? - The world's sixth largest economy is suffering its second day of rolling blackouts. California's Independent Systems Operator, which manages energy flow on the state's massive power grid, approved the blackouts. Jan Smutney-Jones, who chairs the ISO, says the West's energy surplus has evaporated as its economy has expanded.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Critique of Environmental Nominee Gale Norton - Gale Norton, Bush's nominee to be Secretary of the Interior, may be a lover of nature, but her opponents call her a "natural disaster." Bruce Hamilton, of the Sierra Club, says that the woman who would become the country's chief environmental protector is unlikely to balance our economy with our ecology.

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